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    Author :: Sidney Sheldon

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A Stranger in the Mirror
 -by Sidney Sheldon

Toby Temple: Superstar, the world's funniest man. He gets any women he wants. But underneath the callous super-stud image is a ... Read More

Are you afraid of the Dark?
 -by Sidney Sheldon

In New York, Denver, Paris and Berlin, four people have died separately in apparent accidents. Two women - the widows of two of... Read More

If Tomorrow Comes
 -by Sidney Sheldon
This is a story of intrigue and revenge. Tracy Whitney is young, beautiful and intelligent - and about to marry... Read More

Master of the Game
 -by Sidney Sheldon

She is the symbol of success, the beautiful woman who parlayed her inheritance into an internatio... Read More

Memories of Midnight
 -by Sidney Sheldon

In THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT, they played the ultimate game of love, lust, and death.
Now, in MEMORIES OF MIDNIGHT, the... Read More

Morning, Noon and Night
 -by Sidney Sheldon

The Stanford family is one of the most respected in America – but behind the facade of fame and glamour lies a hidden web... Read More

Rage of Angels
 -by Sidney Sheldon

 A worldwide bestseller first published in 1980, this novel tells the story of Jennifer Parker, a successful lawyer who is... Read More

Tell Me Your Dreams
 -by Sidney Sheldon
Someone was following her. She had read about stalkers, but they belonged in a different, faraway world. She ha... Read More

The Best Laid Plans
 -by Sidney Sheldon

He wanted power; she wanted revenge. The magnificent new novel by the internationally bestselling au... Read More

The Doomsday Conspiracy
 -by Sidney Sheldon

The Doomsday Conspiracy, by Sidney Sheldon, is a suspense-thriller novel, that revolves around an American naval personnel, Ro... Read More

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Author in Focus

I was born in a quaint little village called Thripoonithura, on the outskirts of Cochin, Kerala. Located east of mainland Ernakulam, across Vembanad Read More...

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 He was framed for murder.Now he needs someone on the outside to save him. For 22 years Quincy Miller has sat on Death Row without friends, family or legal representation. He was accused of killing a Keith Russo, a lawyer in a small Florida town. But there were no witnesses and no motive. Just the fact that Quincy was black in an all-white town and that a blood-splattered torch was found in t Read More...
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