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    Author :: Abhijit Karnik

Book Title: Being Icy Cool

Abhijit Karnik's "Being Icy Cool" is a racy, sepia-tinted novel of college life. It revolves around Abe, the protagonist, and his two friends, Nilesh and Kanani, their ups and downs, and also of growing up beyond the shackles of what is right and what is not wrong. It holds a mirror that reflects only one image. Your own -- while you are in college! This riveting novel depicts the life and times of avant-garde collegian Abe, his nature, character, progress, metamorphosis and eventual destiny. Abe is the typical boy next door, all right. By the expression, boy next door, you are often tempted to think of a Greek God living secretly for a while -- to allow some mysterious curse to wear off. Not Abe, who is effectively a master of underplay. What is more, Abe does not carry a cape and fly around the world. He will also never fall for the most beautiful babe in town, even when he is hypnotized by her alluring eyes. Why? Because, Abe carries a resolute mind -- a mind blessed with imaginative flair, a mind that takes him to the pinnacle of glory and also derision. In other words, Abe is a winner who feels he is a loser, no less. A fascinating debut novel, "Being Icy Cool" will, doubtless, appeal to young readers, especially college students, and also general readers. 

Author Name: Abhijit Karnik
Reference Number:1889
ISBN: 9788183720434
Number of Pages: 155
Book rating: No Rating
Author rating: No Rating

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