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Book Title: The Veiled One

The woman's body lay between a silver Escort and a dark-blue Lancia. Concealed by a shroud of dirty brown velvet, it looked like a heap of rags. In the desolate subterranean Barringdean Shopping Centre, Reg Wexford had been too preoccupied to notice anything out of the ordinary, just the time and a red car driving past him too fast. Burden called him home at with the grim news later that evening. The woman had been attacked from behind, perhaps with a thin length of cord wire. Before Inspector Wexford can delve deeper into the curious homicide, he, too, faces death. And Burden, for a while conducting the investigation without the help of his chief s instinctive analytical genius, will blunder down a number of blind alleys  ...


Author Name: Ruth Rendell
Reference Number:3789
ISBN: 9780099602804
Number of Pages: 278
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I was born in a quaint little village called Thripoonithura, on the outskirts of Cochin, Kerala. Located east of mainland Ernakulam, across Vembanad Read More...

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