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Book Title: Sita's Sister

 While Sita goes into exhile with Rama and Lakshmana, her younger sisters stay back at the ill-fated palace at Ayodhya, and their hope and joy seem to have been wiped away. But there is one woman of immense mettle and conviction who stands apart from them - Urmila. Urmila, who's husband Lakshmana decides to accompany Ram and Sita to the forest rather than stay with his bride. She could have insisted on joining him just as Sita did with Rama. But she doea not. This book tries to probe into her mind and find answersto questions like: why did she agree to stay back in the palace, waiting for her husband for fourteen achingly long years?

Author Name: Kavita Kane
Reference Number:4160
ISBN: 9788129134844
Number of Pages: 311
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