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Author Name: Erle Stanley Gardner

Erle Stanley Gardner was an American lawyer and author of detective stories who also published under the pseudonyms A.A. Fair, Kyle Corning, Charles M. Green, Carleton Kendrake, Charles J. Kenny, Les Tillray, and Robert Parr. Innovative and restless in his nature, he was bored by the routine of legal practice, the only part of which he enjoyed was trial work and the development of trial strategy. In his spare time, he began to write for pulp magazines, which also fostered the early careers of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. He created many different series characters for the pulps, including the ingenious Lester Leith, a "gentleman thief" in the tradition of Raffles, and Ken Corning, a crusading lawyer who was the archetype of his most successful creation, the fictional lawyer and crime-solver Perry Mason, about whom he wrote more than eighty novels. With the success of Perry Mason, he gradually reduced his contributions to the pulp magazines, eventually withdrawing from the medium entirely, except for non-fiction articles on travel, Western history, and forensic science.

     Books By Author :: Erle Stanley Gardner

The Case of the Fenced-in Woman
 -by Erle Stanley Gardner

Perry Mason is in the middle again, in the case of the house divided--literally--by a barbed wire fence. And when the house is ... Read More

The Case of the Black-eyed Blonde
 -by Erle Stanley Gardner

She was a good looking blonde. She wanrted Perry Mason to take action against her employer's stepson. Perry was sympethetic. An... Read More

The Case of the Counterfeit Eye
 -by Erle Stanley Gardner
Wealthy businessman Hartley Bassett has killed himself. There's a suicide note and three guns lying near his body. But for Perry M... Read More

The Case of the Lame Canary
 -by Erle Stanley Gardner
When a murdered man is found in the home of shady insurance adjustor Walter Prescott, a simple divorce case turns into a courtroom... Read More

The Case of the Drowning Duck
 -by Erle Stanley Gardner
Aspiring actress Stephanie Claire just wants to be in pictures. But she may end up in mug shots when she gets herself caught up in... Read More

The Case of the Hesitant Hostess
 -by Erle Stanley Gardner
Perry Mason defends a penniless ex-salesman accused of armed robbery, confident that the eyewitness testimony of a nightclub hoste... Read More

The Case of the Grinning Gorilla
 -by Erle Stanley Gardner
Original courtroom drama... Read More

The Case of the Ice-Cold Hands
 -by Erle Stanley Gardner

Original courtroom drama

... Read More

The Case of the Half awakened Wife
 -by Erle Stanley Gardner

“We're stuck, Perry,” Paul Drake said. “You're defending a guilty client. But right now I think we can make s... Read More

The Case of the Careless Kitten
 -by Erle Stanley Gardner
Ten years ago banker Franklin Shore left all his money and disappeared, but now he is back to uncover a check-forging scheme. When... Read More

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