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Author Name: Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz, born on the 5 of April 1956, is an English author and screenwriter, from Stanmore, Middlesex. He is most known for his book series Alex Rider, The Power of Five and The Diamond Brothers. He has written over fifty novels, as well as various screenplays for Tv series, and the screenplay for Alex Rider's first motion picture. Horowitz was born in a wealthy environment, his father being a "fixer for prime minister Harold Wilson", as Horowitz said in an interview.
Anthony was an extremely overweight and unhappy child, finding his only comfort in reading books. At age eight, as was customary, he was sent to boarding school, where he was often whipped by the headmaster. He also hated his grandmother, who he said 'was pure evil', stating he danced on her grave when she died. At age 13, Horowitz's mother, whom he adored, bought him a human skull for his birthday. He still has this skull, claiming it helps him finish stories through the logic that soon he will look like that skull and he must hurry to finish before that happened. He started writing at age eight, and started writing professionally at age twenty, publishing his first book (Enter Frederick K Bower, 1978) at age twenty-three.
Anthony Horowitz is now married to Jill Green, and has two sons, Nicholas and Cassian. Horowitz married in Hong Kong on the 15 of April 1988. Nicholas was born in 1989, and Cassian in 1991. Horowitz now lives in London with his family, and he writes in a studio, almost always accompanied by his Labrador, Lucky, who has been run over three times.
Anthony started his writing career with children's books, slowly escalating to more adult oriented books and screenplays. He mostly writes horror, thriller, adventure, mystery and fantasy genres.

     Books By Author :: Anthony Horowitz

The Switch
 -by Anthony Horowitz

Tad Spencer lives a life of luxury: a mansion, servants, exotic vacations, and all the toys he could dream of. But when his fat... Read More

Crocodile Tears
 -by Anthony Horowitz

It's just another day in the life of an average kid. If you're Alex Rider, that is. A con artist has realized there is big mone... Read More

 -by Anthony Horowitz

They told him his uncle died in a car accident. Fourteen-year-old Alex knows that's a lie, and the bullet holes in his uncle's ... Read More

Skeleton Key
 -by Anthony Horowitz

Sharks. Assassins. Nuclear bombs. Alex Rider's in deep water.

Reluctant teenage superspy Alex Rider is useful to MI6 in... Read More

Public Enemy Number Two
 -by Anthony Horowitz

The second book in the Diamond Brothers series
Wisecracking young Nick Diamond finds himself sharing a prison cell with ... Read More

The Falcon's Malteser
 -by Anthony Horowitz

When vertically-challenged Johnny Naples entrusts Tim Diamond with a package worth over three million pounds, he's making a big... Read More

South By South-East
 -by Anthony Horowitz

The third book in the Diamond Brothers series
Tim is broke, so when a mysterious stranger offers him a wad of money for ... Read More

I Know What you Did Last Wednesday
 -by Anthony Horowitz

The sixth book in the Diamond Brothers series
"It's not fair. I do my homework. I clean my teeth twice a day. Why d... Read More

Point Blanc
 -by Anthony Horowitz

The second book in the Alex Rider series
Fourteen-year-old Alex Rider, reluctant M16 spy, is back at school trying to ad... Read More

Alex Rider Mission Files
 -by Anthony Horowitz

This is an essential guide to the exciting missions of teenage spy Alex Rider, featuring blueprints, data files, foldout poster... Read More

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