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Author Name: Gerald Durrell

Gerald Durrell was born in India in 1925. His family settled on Corfu when Durrell was a boy and he spent his time studying its wildlife. He relates these experiences in the trilogy beginning with My Family and Other Animals, and continuing with Birds, Beasts and Relatives and The Garden of the Gods. In his books he writes with wry humour and great perception about both the humans and the animals he meets. On leaving Corfu he returned to England to work on the staff of Whipsnade Park as a student keeper. His adventures there are told with characteristic energy in Beasts in My Belfry. A few years later, Durrell began organising his own animal-collecting expeditions. The first, to the Cameroons, was followed by expeditions to Para

     Books By Author :: Gerald Durrell

Golden Bats and Pink Pigeons
 -by Gerald Durrell

Mauritius, once the home of the ill-fated Dodo (symbol of Gerald Durrell's Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust), still has among... Read More

Catch Me a Colobus
 -by Gerald Durrell

A big and rather beautiful tree grew a couple of hundred yards from the verandah just below us. There was a crash and rustle am... Read More

The Drunken Forest
 -by Gerald Durrell

This is the story of Gerald Durrell's animal collecting expedition to Argentina and Paraguay in 1954. As in Durrell's other boo... Read More

Marrying Off Mother and Other Stories
 -by Gerald Durrell

In these eight stories, which feature the author himself, naturalist Durrell contrasts human and animal behavior. The title sto... Read More

Rosy is My Relative
 -by Gerald Durrell

The author Gerald Durrell is an animal lover and this is one of his humorous stories. The story starts by a young man, Adrian R... Read More

Beasts in my Belfry
 -by Gerald Durrell

 Durrell's account of his early years as a keeper at Whipsnade Zoo filled with the usual assortment of animal characters, ... Read More

The Aye Aye and I
 -by Gerald Durrell

"In the gloom it came along the branches towards me - its round, hypnotic eyes blazing; its spoon-like ears turning to and... Read More

Fillets of Plaice
 -by Gerald Durrell
Gerald Durrell frequently believes he is the only same man in a world of lunatics. Never has he conveyed the co... Read More

The New Noah
 -by Gerald Durrell

Boa-constrictors, paradoxical frogs, hoatzins, bush babies and tucotucos - they're all part of what Gerald Durrell casually cal... Read More

The Stationary Ark
 -by Gerald Durrell

The Stationary Ark is the story of author Gerald Durrell's dream come true: the creation of the perfect zoo, "Les Augres M... Read More

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