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Author Name: R L Stine

R L Stine is the best-selling children's author in history. He began his writing career at the age of nine, writing short stories, joke books, and comic books for his friends. He has been at it ever since. A graduate of Ohio State University, Mr. Stine served as editor-in-chief of Bananas, a humor magazine for children, before teaming up with Parachute Press to create Fear Street, the first young adult horror series. After the enormous success of Fear Street, Stine and Parachute went on to launch Goosebumps, the best-selling book series that made Stine an international celebrity and the #1 best-selling author in America for several years.His latest projects include The Nightmare Room book series, TV show, and videos/DVDs; and his brand-new hardcover book, Beware!. R. L. Stine lives in Manhattan with his wife, their teenage son, Matt, and their dog, Nadine.

     Books By Author :: R L Stine

Goosebumps : The Haunted Car
 -by R L Stine

Michelle's parents get a great deal on their new sleek sports car. It's loaded with extras, including cruise control, CD player... Read More

Goosebumps : You Can't Scare Me
 -by R L Stine

A group of kids get the scare of their lives when their plan to dress up as the slimy, scary Mud Monsters is interrupted by rea... Read More

Goosebumps : Brain Juice
 -by R L Stine

After drinking some brain juice made by aliens, Nathan and Micah are suddenly brilliant. And these aliens are looking for a few... Read More

Fear Street Sagas: The Hidden Evil
 -by R L Stine

Timothy Fear recounts the chilling tale of his childhood, which was marked by an evil force that threatened to destroy him and ... Read More

Goosebumps:Alone in Snakebite Canyon
 -by R L Stine

Goosebumps, How To Kill a Monster
 -by R L Stine
Gretchen and her brother think that Grandma Rose and Grandpa Eddie are seriously weird. Why do they live in the... Read More

Goosebumps, Monster Blood IV
 -by R L Stine
Evan can't stop thinking about Monster Blood. The evil, green slime that never stops growing. The slime that on... Read More

Goosebumps, It Came from Beneath the Sink
 -by R L Stine
Kat and her brother have just moved to a great new house. It would be perfect, if only their dog, Killer, would... Read More

Goosebumps Series 2000, Return to Ghost Camp
 -by R L Stine
A big yellow bus roared to a stop, the doors opened. "Going to Camp Full Moon?" the driver snarled. I... Read More

Goosebumps : The Ghost Next Door
 -by R L Stine

Hannah's boring summer changes when a new boy, who seems to disappear in the strangest ways, moves in next door.

... Read More

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